7 Steps for a Killer Software Tester Resume (500)


Software testing is one of the essential parts of the software or web-app development pipeline. The development of a digital asset is incomplete without testing it with modern technology.

Hence, we can assume that every IT company offering software development services has at least one software tester in the development team. According to a report by Zippia, nearly 359,677 software testers are currently working in the United States.

Considering the continuously expanding online market, we can assume a massive hike in software tester job opportunities. 

So, if you are willing to become a software tester or switch your current job for a software tester role, we suggest you prepare an impeccable software tester resume.

To ease your job hunting a bit, we are here with some steps that will lead you towards a job-winning resume for software tester:

Make an Outline of Your Resume

Choosing a suitable resume format to outline your resume will be the first step to building an impeccable software tester resume. You can opt for any of these resume formats given below:

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format
  • Combination Resume Format
  • Functional Resume Format 

Make Separate Sections for Technical & Soft Skills

To showcase your skills strategically, you can make separate sections for your technical and non-technical skills. It will make your resume look organized and professional compared to your competitor’s resumes.

Use Bullet Points to Showcase Your Professional Experience

You need to always remember that the recruiter will not spend more than a few seconds on your resume. Hence, we recommend you mention your professional details in bullet points to enhance its readability.

Mention Your Educational Details

Your educational details also keep vital importance in your resume. Hence you need to enter all the essential details related to your educational background. You can consider adding the following details in the education section:

  • Degree Name
  • College Name
  • College Location
  • Enrollment Year
  • Graduation Year
  • Grades Obtained

Highlight Important Information

Highlighting some profile-centric keywords and essential metrics in your resume will help you parse through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Add Your Certifications

Having your targeted job profile certifications in your portfolio will get you bonus marks during the interview process. So, we suggest you enter your certification details in a separate section of your software tester resume.

Craft an Impressive Resume Summary

The recruiter will spend more than a few seconds on your resume only if your resume summary is easy-to-read yet appealing. Hence, write a summary with a focused and calm mind.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this article:

  • Outline your resume in a professional format to impress the recruiter
  • Add your technical and soft skills in separate sections
  • Mention your professional experience details in bullet points
  • Showcase your educational details strategically
  • Highlight important metrics and industry-specific keywords
  • Add the details of your certifications to get bonus points
  • Write an easily readable and interesting resume summary

These points will help you in building a job-winning software tester resume. Wish you all the best in your job hunting.


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