7 Obvious Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Makeover


Besides the kitchen, bathrooms are the most-used rooms in the house. Their aesthetic requirements are just as much as any other room would require, or in fact, even more so! There are specifically designed and manufactured tiles for bathrooms that make the job of a bathroom remodel easier than it seems. Plus, it also plays a huge role in increasing the value of your property. Even if you are not thinking of listing your home on the market soon, it is always safe and good to have an updated bathroom to start and end your days with. But, when is the right time to go for a bathroom remodel, you might ask? Here are some signs that call out for a desperate bathroom makeover.

Lack of Functionality

Do you see that your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space? Or maybe you are missing having the right accessories, like hooks or holders? Perhaps you have elderly relatives who need the support of handrails. In such cases it is time for you to make an upgrade. Keeping your and your family’s needs in mind, a bathroom remodel makes the space easier and safer for all.

General Damage

If you see that the ceiling is leaking or the flooring is cracked, or perhaps the wall tiles need a replacement? It might be time to do just that. Before any damage eats away at your home’s foundation, it is always safer to remodel a bathroom at the right time. Replace flooring tiles with light-coloured germ-free or anti-skid tiles that keep microorganisms at bay and are also slip-resistant, which is extremely crucial for wet areas.

Storage Issues

Adding more cabinets, bins and shelving space can do more good than harm. If you feel you need more space, you can open up the bathroom area and accommodate more footage wherever and however possible. On the other hand, if you feel that’s more space in the bathroom than you need, you can close off the area and create a walk-in closet or storage.

Safety Concerns

Bathrooms can be an extremely high-risk area if not looked after properly. A slippery floor is more dangerous than you can imagine and you can avoid it with timely remodelling and upgrades. Fix a broken glass on the mirror or replace a cracked sink before it is a safety hazard to you, the children or elderly members of the family.


The high degree of wetness in bathrooms means that leaky faucets or dripping showers are a common occurrence. However, it is best to get it fixed on point to stop it from becoming a larger issue. Leaky faucets are a debilitating factor to the safety and aesthetic appearance of a bathroom as much as it is to the environment when it comes to water wastage. A timely check right now can prevent much more extensive damage later on.

Mould Growing On The Ceiling

Since bathrooms are high-humidity spaces, you need to keep your eye out for mould and other fungal growth on the ceilings or walls. They are common, especially if the bathrooms are not well-ventilated and maintained. Mould and spores can cause an array of health concerns, like skin and eye irritations, coughing, wheezing and throat infections. Hence, keeping a watch on them is extremely important for the health of those living in the house.

If you find your bathroom facing any one or more of these issues, immediately plan for a bathroom remodel. This will save you the health and safety risks that the space might come with. If you want to check what options are available for bathroom tiles in Delhi, you can go to your nearest tile showroom. 


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