Corporate gifting is the practice of making a connection with the company’s employees, clients, partners, and prospects through gift-giving. The purpose of it is to make an impression of positive association and appreciation. It’s a thoughtful approach to nurturing long-term, good professional relationships. Connections are very important in the business world, and corporate gifts have been a reliable strategy for developing and nurturing existing or potential relations for a long way back. But gifting has changed since those days, an A5 size sweet box doesn’t cut it anymore, and it isn’t enough to commemorate your aspiring business ties. 

Gift-giving in general is a certain way of creating engagement and incentives. It raises feelings of trust and reciprocity. Whether as an appreciation to the employees, gratitude to the associates, a friendly reaching out to the clientele, commemorating your boss or a thoughtful gesture for your partner; The Zappy Box has a wide variety to hit the mark when it comes to your gifting needs.

  • Welcome Aboard

Employees are the life force of an organization. If you have dedicated and passionate employees, the company is bound to reel in success, so to make them feel welcomed and settled in with their new workspace, gift them the Welcome Aboard hamper. It’s a gender-neutral kit that comes with an assorted selection of items to mark their new beginning on a pleasant note. It has a Premium leather diary, a chic metallic pen and pencil, an elegant bottle and some quality D & F dark chocolate. An ideal office starter pack!

  • The New Hire

This New Hire kit is a sophisticated token of welcome to offer a new intern. With its sleek black aesthetics and office essentials, it presents them with a symbol of excellence and refinement; making an impression of confidence and high expectations on the employees. It comes with all your requirements as a good worker – a sleek notebook, a beautiful premium Parker pen, a memo pad, a matte finish bottle with some Colombian brewed coffee, Almond chocolate, and a lovely greeting card.

  • Work Motivation

Gift this kit to the people you want to present with some burst of energy to liven their work days. This hamper is perfect if you want to boost some morale and get your office people motivated with its assortment of beverages and snacks. TGL Co. Morning Motivation coffee, tea bags from Tea Heaven, Crunchy dark chocolate, honey twigs and berries mix, with a cool travel mug to accent your desk and the global bestseller, Start With Why. 

  • Lead!

The Lead! hamper is a great gift to appreciate someone’s leadership or to motivate new workers to strive and become leaders themselves as well. Being a leader is not easy but it’s worth all the hard work when the results are visible and it’s especially rewarding when someone recognizes your efforts. Gift this kit to the deserving person you want to acknowledge for all that they’ve done with a wonderful best-seller book to wind down with, a travel mug to enjoy the quality instant coffee in, Cranberry Dragees, and Peanut Butter Chocolate, as sweet as the taste of success. 

  • Boss Lady

The Boss Lady is specially designed for the ambitious, hardworking, trail-blazing, strong-willed, fierce risk-taking women who inspire you in life. It can be your mother, sister, grandma, wife, girlfriend, friend, colleague, teacher, boss, or just really any woman who has impacted the way you perceive the world, doesn’t matter what their job is! It has a Boss Lady frame, an A5 Keep Going, Keep Growing journal, sustainable pens, Dark chocolate and a greeting card to express your appreciation.

  • Goal Getter

Goal Getter is for the focused and passionate person in your life who is working hard to achieve their dreams. Gift this hamper as a show of faith in them and their dedication, to give them a little push towards both their professional and personal goals.  It comes with items to assist them with their professional growth like the Goal Getter journal; To-Do lists sticky notes, pencils and a travel-friendly insulated mug they can take everywhere. 


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect more with the people you work with, and grow your network with friendly relations. Corporate gifting is the way to operate now; every professional does it, recommends it and benefits from it. Your gifts and gestures don’t need to be expensive to convey your sentiments, and here at The Zappy Box, we offer you a wide range of selections that will fit into whatever your budget is, with promising high-quality products. You can choose from thoughtfully put-together gift boxes customized to suit varied tastes or you can even personally customize a gift box yourself to suit the interests of the receiver; we at The Zappy Box offer a hassle-free facility. Order now.


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