6 Steps to avoid English Speaking Mistakes


6 Steps to avoid English Speaking Mistakes

While trying to learn the English language many of us make many mistakes. We should narrow down the mistakes and take correct measures to improve our languages and remove grammatical and other mistakes.

Some steps to avoid English speaking mistakes


Many times we use words incorrectly and also at times we run out of words. Thus it is critical that we maintain a vocabulary diary where we can list down all the new words we have learnt and practice them again and again to master them. This will help us reduce the times we make vocabulary errors and will also enhance our vocabulary and make us fluent and resourceful speakers of the English language.

You can start with learning 3 words a day and you will find that your vocabulary in increasing by the day.


Many individuals who have English as their secondary language make a lot of pronunciation errors and thus it is critical to make a list of words which you mispronounce. Thus you can reduce the mistakes which you make while trying to speak fluent English.

No one is perfect and all of us make errors while we speak in the English language. By working on your errors and improving on them you can very easily improve your spoken English fast and quick. You can also join Best English Speaking Course in Gurgaon to improve your English.


Many individuals who have English as their secondary language also make many grammatical errors and thus it is critical to master English grammar before perfecting the art of speaking English fluently. You can take an English speaking course and take the help and guidance of the Trainer who will help you master the grammar part of English. You can also refer to a good reference book like JPH GENERAL ENGLISH and learn from the book as well.


Another great idea is to reduce your mistakes while speaking in English is to listen to Audiobooks. You can purchase audiobooks and listen to them carefully. This will be a very interesting and entertaining activity and also you will learn many new words and a lot of new sentences, this will help you get the music of the English language and you will master the language soon.

You can go for fiction or motivational audiobooks, but try to go for audiobooks which have a conversational style as then you will learn about English conversation as well. Also you can watch good TV shows like Koffee with Karan and news on Republic TV so as to learn English quick and fast.


Many of us make grammatical errors while we speak in English and thus it is very important to note the grammatical errors which we make while speaking in English. You should keep a separate diary for this and note it down every time your trainer tells you about it. This will help you not to repeat the errors and also you will learn correct English soon. You can then study about the error from your reference book and also take your trainers advice on how to remove and reduce the error.


It is also very important to listen to famous speeches and good orators like Shashi Tharoor and Barack Obama. Listening to them you will be able to pick up the music of the English language and you will be able to speak the language fluently and flawlessly.

Thus by following these 6 steps you will be able to rectify the mistakes and speak English flawlessly like a pro.

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