6 Home Design Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind


6 Home Design Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Design suggestions that you can implement at your home. Easy to implement, aesthetically pleasing and of practical use…in short, guaranteed to blow your mind

Home design does NOT, repeat, does NOT have to be difficult or dull or something only an interior designer can do.

There are plenty of easily implemented, visually pleasing and practically useful home design tricks that you can carry out at your home by yourself.

And, as a premier interior design firm in Bangladesh, Tilottoma is happy to share a few of these tips with you.

Keep Keys Here

How many times is it that you’ve been on the verge of going out, whether it is for a meeting or whether it is for a movie, but just could not leave because you had no idea where those damn keys are?

Ditto, wallet?

And if you’re married or living with someone, it turns into a ‘I thought you had them’ game, right?

There’s an easy way you can avoid that.

Leave your house on time, and maintain peace on the spouse front.

All you need to do is obtain or build a shallow cabinet with a number of hooks where keys can be hung and even the wallet can be kept.

It’s fast becoming a popular concept, and, funnily enough, it’s called a ‘key cabinet’.

Sit by the window

Haven’t you always felt an urge to just sit by the window and watch the world outside?

Whether it’s the trees waving in the breeze, people passing by or even the naughty kid next door playing pranks on his parents – it feels good to just sit in the sunshine and watch.

Well, you can.

Get a window seat or a chaise, set it up against the window, stock it up with a couple of pillows…and you’re on!

Fix up that sagging sofa

Sofa’s started sagging in and you’re thinking of getting it replaced?

No need!

Eclectic / personal decor

Is it mandatory that if you want to design your home you must mandatorily get art pieces from a commercial shop?

Haven’t you wanted to make your home a lot more personalized?

Well, you can!

See how this room has been brought alive with simple hand-written messages and hand-drawn images.

You can do the same for your room.

Choose a suitable portion of the wall and start putting up your sketches!

Just make sure that you choose a room with bright furnishings. That way, if you find that your own ‘art’ isn’t quite cutting it with visitors, the garish furnishings will draw people’s attention away.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Have you ever despaired of how dark and cheerless your room looks?

Or thought that your room is too small and wished desperately for it to be bigger, a lot bigger

Well, there’s a simple fix for that.

Hang up a mirror behind a lamp, or opposite a window.

The light from the lamp or the window gets reflected off of the wall mirror and shines all around the room, making it appear spacious, brightly lit and cheerful.

Make it move

One key issue with having decor pieces is space. Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to keep things that look good.

Go for furniture pieces with wheels so that you can relocate and repurposes pieces of furniture. Like this set of drawers on wheels.

For example a set of drawers that you normally keep in the storage room can become a tasteful cabinet for your cocktail party – all you need to do is wheel it in from the storage room to your drawing room.

And later, roll it back.

Hope these tips by Tilottoma Limited were useful to spruce up your own home.

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