What are 5k’s of Sikhism or 5 Kakar in Punjabi ?


5k’s Of Sikhism

5 Kakar in Punjabi

5k’s of Sikhism : Sikh or Sikhism is one of the most respected religions in India. If you are foreigner and planning to visit India to explore the Indian’s culture, tradition, festivals, food then I must say that you should consider yourself a lucky person because India is a country which is always standing with their open hands to welcome guests. For us, guests are the form of God, and when it comes to Punjabis, they treat their guests as a special person for them.

When a guest step at a Punjabi’s house, they make them comfortable by treating them like their own family. They prepare good things to ear for them, a glass of lassi is a must in their tradition and there is a long list that will never end.

Anyways, you might be wondering that why are we here today, so today we are going to discuss about the 5k’s of Sikhism with you. Do you know what are the 5k’s of Sikhism is? No? Then don’t worry you will find all of them here.

Well if you are wondering that why we are discussing a topic like 5k’s of Sikhism then this information is for those people who are crazy about knowing the different culture of India, how Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai all are living together with peace, what traditions they follow and more. Sikhs are one of the most prominent community of human beings because no matter how difficult situation you are going through if you will ask them for help, they will stand with you till the end.

Moving forward let’s see which are the 5k’s of Sikhism and what does each K means to them, its importance in their life, what they do to achieve it and much more things related to 5k’s of Sikhism.

5k’s of Sikhism
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About 5k’s of Sikhism

Well before we tell you about the 5k’s of Sikhism in detail, we will first tell you that which are the 5k’s of Sikhism:

They are as follows:

  • Kara
  • Kachera
  • Kirpan
  • Kesh
  • Kanga

Now let’s see what each of the 5k’s in Sikhism means:

  1. Kara

Kara means the god in which they believe like anything and consider everything that’s happening in their life is because of them, Karan means that the god has no end or they have no starting or originating point. They believe that the entire world is connected to god and when life ends, everyone has to knock god’s door only. The one thing that we can learn from the very first of 5k’s of Sikhism is to live with love. Do good to others and good things will come to you automatically. Whatever “karam” you will do in this life you need to face its result too and no one can save you from that so do good to everyone and make sure that you will hurt nobody intentionally.

  1. Kachera

Kachera means, it will be good for you if you consider yourself as a modest person. Be humble to others, don’t expect too much from your loved ones. Everyone is putting all their efforts to live their life in peace. Those women who are housewives and don’t go to job takes the complete responsibility of their home which is surely a daunting task and being a home makes is not at all an easy task, not all women can do it easily.

  1. Kirpan

There are many people in this world who are weak at some point, and it is impossible to analysis that when destiny comes to your door with problems, agree? So, make sure that you defend your friends, family and other people close to your heart when they feel week or they feel like they need someone who can help them out and solve this problem for them. Be with them until their problem is solved and god will bless your life with loads of love and peace.

  1. Kesh

Sikhs hair is the identity of them and they are proud to have long hairs. They believe that their turban is their real identity and without it they are nothing. So, they never cut their hair to short and always tie the turban.

  1. Kanga

Kanga is a little comb which they always carry with them and put in on their hair always. They believe that kesh and kanga should be always together and this is one of the best 5k’s of Sikhism through which you can identify that the person is a Sikh.

Sikhs are one of the most prominent community in India, you ask them for water they will provide you food with it. Best group of people you will ever met.

There are many a times when we fall in a well of problems and we start getting irritated and remove frustration on our loved ones but that is not the solution to any problem. We should be calm and think how we can come out of the well and what are the different ways available to solve a problem.

If you are not able to find a solution by yourself then the best thing you can do sit with your friends and family members and ask them to give you suggestions. They will surely help you out.

Wrapping Up

Mentioned above are the 5k’s of Sikhism. We hope you liked the information we shared with you. Forward it with your friends and family members and do let us know what you think about the information we share by contacting us!

Stay tuned with us to read about more such amazing information like 5k’s of Sikhism and more. We will be back soon, enjoy your life and live happily.

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