For years, marijuana has gotten a bad reputation from society. Different group and organization have fostered fear and negative information that made it seemed like weed is a drug akin to cocaine, heroin, and the likes. For years, they’ve associated marijuana with acts of crimes and because of all these fear mongering, the true benefits of the plant have been largely hidden until now.

As more research has been done about the plant, more people around the world are starting to come to terms to its usefulness. Authorities and government bodies have started lifted the sanctions about the drug which allowed researchers to conduct studies freely without fear of being arrested for possession. This, in turn, has made information about marijuana far more accurate and based on evidence than in previous decades.

Getting to know MJ

Marijuana has many names. It is often called weed, pot, dope, or cannabis. It comes from the Indian hemp plant. It is in its flowers where most of the drug compound can be found and a lesser extent on its leaves, stems, and seeds.

Among its 400 compounds, the two most commonly associated with the plant is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is the compound that creates the feeling of being “high” while CBD has no psychoactive effects but is associated with the medical benefits of the plant.

Common Myths about Marijuana

  1. Munchies aren’t real

Anyone who has ever smoked weed can attest to the intense hunger you feel together with getting high. Many people use munchies against stoners as being a lazy, couch-potato whose only goal is to eat and get high. In fact, scientists have proven in many studies involving animal models that munchies are indeed a real thing and not just a figment of people’s imagination.

Marijuana stimulates the hypothalamus, the part of the brain involved in stimulating hunger, libido, and sleep, and make it work harder under its influence. This results in intense hunger.

  1. Marijuana produces the same effects on people

The common myth is that there are only two strains of marijuana: Indica and sativa. The truth is, there are much more strains that scientists have a hard time arguing how many. Many cannabis stores like online dispensary canada wholesale offers a wide range of strain selection.

Sativa is known for its psychoactive effect while the shorter Indica is known for its sedating and relaxing effects among users. But it is hard to determine the exact effect each of these strains has on people. For the most part, the feeling of being high can be subjective. What one person considers the feeling of being high might not be true to another. The amount of THC and CBD in a plant can also affect how a person reacts to a particular strain of the plant.

  1. There is no overdose

Many people prefer using marijuana over any other drugs because they believe it has no overdose. That myth has been busted countless times. Before diving into marijuana overdose, let us define what overdose means. It doesn’t mean keeling over because you’ve taken too much of the drug. Overdose simply means taking more than the recommended amount of the substance.

So with that in mind, yes, there is such a thing as marijuana overdose. Some symptoms of overdose include paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. But in order for marijuana overdose to be lethal, a person has to smoke 15,000 pounds of the plant in 15 minutes, which is pretty much almost impossible. So marijuana overdose? Possible. Death? Not likely.

  1. You can fool a urine test

The short answer is, you can’t. The only way you can cheat a urine test is to substitute it with someone else’s pee. Many products also claim to be able to flush the drug out of your system quickly in order to test negative in a urine test but those always never work. THC can be detected in your system for up to 10 days for infrequent smokers and up to one month for heavy users.

It is possible to dilute your urine using detox teas but many drug testing facilities now test for urine dilution. The only way around this is to abstain from consuming marijuana for a couple of weeks before taking a drug test.

  1. Weed turns you into a criminal

We’ve all heard this warning before, either coming from parents or friends, that using marijuana will land you in jail. Wrong. Doing crime lands you in jail, not merely smoking a plant. In fact, there is no proven link between violence and marijuana smoking. Many studies have backed up this claim saying that increased crime rate does not relate to marijuana use.

In some cases, marijuana is even associated with lower rates of homicide and assault. You might be breaking the law when you possess the drug in an area where marijuana is illegal, but other than that, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to think that just because you smoke weed makes you into a criminal immediately.

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