If you’re asking what hemp seed is and how it benefits the body, then you’ve stumbled into the right place. The topic of hemp seed has been circulating around the net lately thanks in part to its association with cannabis. But hemp seed and marijuana are not the same plants although they are related. Let’s explore what hemp is before tackling the many benefits it offers to us.

What is hemp ?

Hemp and hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which makes it good for a healthy bodily function. However, because it is related to marijuana, there are still many people who think that hemp seed can make them high, which is far from the truth.

The cannabis plant originates in the steppes of central Asia and a few that grow in the South Asia region. Because the cannabis plant grows so fast, people have been cultivating it for many thousands of years. For the longest time, people grew the cannabis plant for hemp, a fiber that’s used to create clothing, handicraft, and even used for medicine.

  1. Promotes digestion

Have you ever experienced indigestion? It’s not a pleasant experience. You feel like your stomach is about to explode. You can’t sleep, you can barely eat, and even just sitting down is uncomfortable.

There are many over-the-counter medications you can take, of course. But if you want to go the natural route then hemp seed is your best option.

Hemp seed contains a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber which helps to promote healthy digestion. You can think of these fibers as a sort of broom where it sweeps away dirt and debris from your stomach that’s causing indigestion.

The fiber in hemp seed also promotes the healthy growth of bacteria that aids in digestion. Strong gut flora is also crucial for a strong immunity which helps to fight infection.

  1. Good for hair and skin

Another surprising benefit of hemp seed pertains to skin and hair. It might come as a surprise to many that hemp seed oil is actually great at moisturizing the skin and hair. In fact, many cosmetic products contain hemp seed because of this wonderful property.

The rise of the vegan and organic movement has paved the way for products containing natural ingredients to become hot commodities in recent years. Because hemp seed is all-natural, many are supporting products that contain the ingredient.

The oil that’s extracted from hemp can infiltrate the inner layers of the skin where it does wonder to the cells. It promotes the growth of healthy and strong skin cells leading to soft, smooth, and supple skin.

  1. Weight loss

Did you know that hemp seed can also help with losing weight? Many consider hemp seed to be a superfood. These tiny brown seeds are extremely nutritious and contain high levels of protein, good fats, and other vitamins and minerals.

As mentioned previously, hemp contains a lot of fiber and this fiber helps to suppress appetite which means eating hemp seed will make you feel full easily and lessen any hunger cravings. A helping of about four tablespoons of hemp seeds added to your breakfast can help decrease cravings throughout the day.

Not only can hemp seed help you with your weight loss, but it’s also good for the heart. Heart disease being the number one killer around the world, many are looking for ways, natural or otherwise, to improve the health of their heart. Some go on diets while others participate in daily exercise. Adding a portion of hemp seed to your daily diet can significantly strengthen your heart and prevent the development of heart diseases.

  1. Has gamma-linolenic acid

Hemp seed is rich in gamma-linolenic acid. This fatty acid is great at helping to manage inflammation in the body as well as promoting the growth of muscle cells.

Based on a study that was published in the European Journal of Pharmacology, it was suggested that a diet high in GLA could help people with conditions such as ADHD, diabetes, PMS, multiple sclerosis, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and skin allergies.

Hemp seed has been included in a number of dietary products. Some grocery stores especially the ones promoting a healthy lifestyle for their customers and dispensaries like Cheapweed carry products containing hemp seeds such as hemp nut, milk, butter, oil, and hemp protein powder.

  1. Regulates hormone

Back in the early 1980s, it was found out that prostaglandin, a hormone in the body is important for a lot of the normal bodily processes. It is responsible for controlling inflammation and helps to regulate the body’s temperature.

Prostaglandin also plays a crucial role when it comes to the function of smooth muscles of the body like the heart and the digestive system.

As mentioned earlier, hemp seed contains high levels of GLA, an important compound for the production of prostaglandin. There have been many studies that state that GLA supplements should be taken on a daily basis to help balance the hormones of the body.

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