4 Watches that Can Raise Your Oomph Factor Instantly


We thrive in an age where it is easy to ignore what we do because of umpteen professional opportunities. Still, it is difficult not to pay attention to how we carry ourselves out. Yes, fashion is important. But staying relevant in fashion trends is more important. It is not just about flaunting your status alone. It is about flaunting your style and panache. But how do you do it? In short, when we dress to impress, it is not just our attire that makes its mark. It is also what we put along with it, such as a watch, a belt, a pair of sunglasses, eyeglasses, or any other add-on to make ourselves presentable and impressionable. However, while all these accessories are important, we often tend to neglect the kind of watches we wear. We miss out on how much elegance and oomph a watch can add to our character and personality, so we want you to check out a list of handpicked watches.

An elegant watch like the ones enlisted can elevate your oomph factor almost instantly. Don’t seem convinced? You will be once you read through the list of features each of these watches have and how they can make a drastic difference to your personality instantly. So, without further ado, let us explore them subsequently – 

  • The Avante Garde 

This is yet another subtle and elegant piece that does not fail to stand out. But many critics would claim that this is an elemental and well-acquainted design. Indeed, it is, and not without reason. This multifunctional silver dial watch with a brown-coloured leather strap medley has stood the test for years. This outstanding watch piece is a treat for all watch lovers as they pair up well with casual and semi-casual ensembles. Moreover, because of its durability and sturdiness, it comes out as a promising piece. 

  • The Greener Pasture 

Encased in a dial made of stainless steel and encased with a brown leather band, we are too familiar with that look and yet undermine its classic appearance. This watch will undoubtedly jazz up your appearance and add the much-desirable oomph you are looking for. Pair it up with formal office wear, and the impossible will become possible. Having this watch in your collection is like uplifting the spirit of the collector. So, why wait? Get your spirits high with this classic piece of craftsmanship.

  • The Purple Fervour

This purple acetate watch has a proficient, ultra-cosmopolitan and dapper appearance. As one of those simple designs, it appears sophisticated and expensive. However, the colour purple is timeless and adds a hint of elegance to the watch piece. Needless to say, it can be paired up quite well with various outfits. Moreover, its features, like its stainless steel body offering 5 ATM water resistance, mineral glass in the dial, etc., make this watch piece last for long-term usage without much wear and tear.

  • The Infinity Watch

The ultimate blend of leather straps and a stainless-steel dial are common but also unparalleled. With a quartz movement, chronograph function and buckle lock mechanism, this shade of blue coloured dial with the blue shaded leather strap is elegant enough to lift your spirit. The robust build and sturdiness bring out the best of your qualities. So, let this Infinity watch add a dash of refinement to your look.

Branded watches like these timepieces are on the horizon now. They are elegant, high-end, and sophisticated, for all you can say. Their delicate yet sturdy designs, robust build, and resistance to the vagaries of nature make them desirable. So, whether you want to wear watches in the office boardroom or anywhere outdoors, there is no other way to flaunt them, and there is no better way to get them except at the stores of reliable brands such as Titan, Fastrack and Sonata. So, if you are looking for quality watch pieces, head to these stores and grab nothing but the best.


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