4 irresistible reasons to pick a cottage in Coorg for your next vacation


Vacations are the most awaited getaway from the humdrum of daily life. Of course, you would like to enjoy the vacation to the fullest. Why stay in crowded hotels or bed and breakfasts when you can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay at the cottages in Coorg?

Comfort is the key to travelling; a homely cottage offers it and more. First-time travellers who are not well-equipped with the place can book a villa for the vacation. The cottage is a great solution for those who want to rest and eat local food in a homely atmosphere after hours of sightseeing and trekking.

You Have Food Options

When you vacation at a cottage in Coorg, you can eat the exact amount of food you like. Unlike restaurants or hotels where you must finish your portion, if you cannot, the food goes to waste. However, you can bring your food supplies and make your dishes in vacation cottages.

Constantly requesting the hotel chef might become a hassle if you have dietary restrictions or certain food allergies. When you stay in a cottage or villa, you can cook your food per your dietary needs and restrictions.

You do not have to worry about ordering your food separately. Also, buying groceries to make your food gives you the freedom and flexibility to cook your favourite cuisine.

You Can Stay with Your Fellow Travellers

One of the best things about living in cottages is that you can share the room with your fellow traveller. You have roommates, making the vacation and the trip more exciting. When you book rooms next to each other or the wooden cottages in Coorg, it is like all of you live under the same roof. Staying under the same roof, you can prepare and eat your meals together.

Also, you can plan your touring schedules together. You and your fellow tourists can stay up late and even have late-night chats and play games. It allows you to do all of these without disturbing anyone else.

Flexibility and Freedom

Staying at the cottages in Coorg allows you to enjoy a stress-free holiday. There is no fixed meal timetable or local tour stops. You can arrange those in your own time. You also do not have to encounter strangers on your way to the local spot.

When you stay at a cottage, you can come and go as you like and follow your plans. You can explore the surroundings and do not have to worry about seeking permission to do so.

Spacious Accommodations

Compared to the hotels, the wooden cottages in Coorg are more spacious. You have separate rooms and bedrooms. You also get a spacious common space. The whole area is private and has a private lawn so that no one infringes on your time. You and your fellow travellers can carry out your activities and go about your day without worry.


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