3 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends


3 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends | As digital trends emerge year in year out, vendors need to be alert of the variations so as to adapt to developing technologies and have a competitive edge. This will give them a competitive advantage and have the capacity to come up with new techniques to expand their business, create edges and enhance their connection with their current clients.

The following are the digital marketing in 2019 trends which you can exploit to enhance your marketing techniques and achieve the desired outcome.

Smarter Chat

The emergence of chatbots has been witnessed in the last few years and still continues in 2019. A variety of businesses are opting for chatbots as the main communication platform in customer service.

Chatbots are very essential in enhancing clients experience and enable marketers to interact with their customers in an effective manner without having to do a lot of work. They are aimed at providing assistance which is time-based to the users, they provide a proactive interaction platform where clients pose questions so as to find the solutions to the actual problem.

For example, website visitors can be reached through the use of chatbot and requested to seek assistance or learn more information related to an item. If he makes the first selection, he will be directed to an agent for assistance and if he makes the second selection, he will have to answer a number of questions which are automated or deflected to their website or Frequently Asked Questions page

WhatsApp business messaging is also another emerging trend which has become one of the numerous used messaging application across the globe. The main advantage is that its usage is not restricted, businesses are making use of this application now and then for their everyday activities.

Voice Search

The popularity of voice search is growing rapidly. Voice search comes in two types; ones which are implemented by smart speakers which provide searchers with quick voice answers to their issues and the ones which are installed in smartphones as well as desktops which publicize written search outcomes.

Top brands are focusing on how to present their commitments by utilizing the voice-enabled machines because they are less costly and provide greater expertise than in the past since a great number of visitors have access to voice search thus using them to interact with the various brands.

A Los Angeles digital marketing agency can also implement the usage of voice engine optimization. Marketers should use an appropriate natural language SEO to generate content respectively. This mandates them to develop thoughts of what their target audience may need to use in their voice concerns as well as focusing on long tail keywords as searchers may be more specific when raising an issue. For example, in one query a shopper may ask information about price, time, location and other information which could be complex for written search questions.

Engagement-Based Email Marketing

Email marketing is getting better and better, marketers are now concentrating on sending emails to active subscribers on their lists. If you send an email to a subscriber and you find out that he/she hasn’t read the email for a particular period of time, he will be referred as a dormant contact and will not be in a position to receive extra emails.

To be able to send the correct email to the appropriate segment, marketing agents should spot all their leads behaviors. If the platforms they are utilizing lack the capacity of classifying their audience on the basis of their behaviors, they need to integrate their marketing tools with the applications which have the capability to do so. Marketers are in a position to target their leads more efficiently with emails which are behaviorally based, this is made possible by data determination and the creation of various segments as per the defined criteria.

The above are some of the digital marketing trends in 2019. Every business should be aware of these trends and try to implement them as they will give its products a competitive advantage thereby gaining more clicks which results in an increase in sales thereby increasing profit margins.

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