15 Tips about Kundli Software from Industry Experts


15 Tips about Kundli Software from Industry Experts

When two people are going to marry, it is important to ensure that the celestial bodies and planets in their horoscope charts complement each other. Celestial bodies and planets have a great impact on the life of humans. Kundli Milan or kundli matching of the bride and groom can provide valuable glimpses into how compatible the two are and, therefore, how pleasant their marriage will be.

Arranged marriages are quite common in India and kundli milan or checking how suited the bride and groom are for each other is one of the most important activities before both parties decide to forge ahead with the marriage proposal.

Traditionally, kundli milan or kundli matching was done manually by pandits who calculate the alignment of grahas (planets or celestial bodies). But in manual calculation, there is a possibility of error, which can lead to incorrect results.

Kundli milan or kundli matching for marriage is the vedic equivalent of horoscope matching for matrimony. There are many online kundli software for marriage that you can use for kundli milan or kundli matching. Online kundli matching software employs the algorithm which is specially designed to imitate the manual procedure employed by astrologers to prepare and interpret the horoscope as well as to match horoscopes of prospective brides and grooms.

Fifteen Tips from Industry Experts about Online Kundli Software

Here are some valuable insights into the operation of software for online kundli prediction:

  • Complex Calculations: Online kundli software can be used to perform a wide range of complex astrological calculations. Since the calculations are extremely accurate, you can elaborate on the contents and findings with the clients. You can also put up a general prediction chart of the janam kundli on your website.

With manual errors out of the equation, your predictions will be precise, something that will help you gain and retain clients over the long term. A note of caution is necessary here. Any software is only as good as the person who uses it. If you enter the incorrect details, you will get erroneous results. Technology gives best results when you operate it correctly.

  • Diverse Regional Styles: With online kundli software, you can generate the horoscope in various regional styles. Regional styles such as North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Kerala are the basic kinds. Different locations or regions have a different style of horoscope charts. So there is absolutely no reason for you to hold back when a client asks for a kundli in a different regional style.
  • Panchang Calculations: It is possible to perform panchang calculations on your online kundli software. All instances of time have five characteristics or traits viz. vaara, tithi, nakshatra, yoga and karana. These five traits are elaborated for all days of the year in an almanac, which is known as panchang. Kundli software facilitates your understanding of panchang and conducting specific calculations accurately.

Panchang calculation is an important part of kundli matching and other horoscopic predictions.

  • Soft Copy & Hard Copy Available: You can also send the reports to clients in both softcopy and hardcopy as per the demand. Clients can ask you for a hard copy in cases such as janam kundli prediction for marriage, career and more. Hard copies are costlier than soft copies and some clients may ask also you for a soft copy on email.
  • Personalization: Sometimes, clients can ask you for a highly personalized report. Therefore, make sure that you are well versed with the customization features of the kundli software. For example, clients may ask for a single page report, report with charts and calculations, or reports with predictions only.
  • Multi Language Facility: Next, check how many languages the online kundli software supports. It should allow you to predict and generate reports in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malyalam.
  • Dosh Guidance System: Your kundli software should be capable of telling you the remedies according the dosh (flaws) in your horoscope. Kundli matching or Kundli Milan is technique of checking the kundli of boy and girl. Online kundli software analyses the star matching, Kunja mangal dosh, papa samya and dasha sindhi.
  • Location & Time Zones: Kundli software has in built database of cities which includes the longitude and latitude values as well as time zones of various cities across the world.
  • Automated Retrieval of Quotes & Yogas: The kundli software can automatically retrieve all quotes and yogas for birth charts. This feature helps you create a detailed and customised summary report for your clients.
  • Smart Worksheet Facility: Online kundli software has a smart worksheet facility to ensure that the birth chart of both the bride and the groom can be placed side by side. Such worksheets are convenient and great way to predict the dynamic potentials of the partnership.
  • Printout Design Tool Facility: Kundli software offers you such a facility for generating customised printouts. Once the horoscope or janam kundli has been created, they automatically get listed in the print menu.
  • Bhava Predictions: The software can also perform predictions which are useful when analyzing the 12 bhavas that, in turn, estimate various aspects of life such as relationships, marriage, career, wealth, health, education and the like.
  • Panchang Prediction: You can predict pachangs based on weekdays, tithi, birth star karana, and nithya yoga.
  • Yogas: The software can study yogas and its effects on life. This software analyses the kundli to find out the planetary combinations that results in yogas. It gives a detailed explanation of such yogas and its effects on life.
  • Dasha & Apahara Forecasts: Online Kundli software can help you perform dasha and apahara predictions. You can calculate and find the beginning and ending of the dashas and apaharas in your client’s life.


As per experts, online kundli prediction using such software is possible because of the inherent accuracy of the latter.

In a nutshell, online kundli software offers you a wide range of features and benefits that you can use very cleverly to expand the network of your clients as well as your business revenue.

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