15 all time advice that will go a long way in your love story


15 all time advice that will go a long way in your love story

Ask your acquaintances and likely they will have tons of suggestions on how to improve your love life. They would cite you examples about how they fixed their broken relationship with their respective partners. Perhaps you have considered all of their advice but none of it has been productive. A love story that lasts is the outcome of the partners embedding themselves in each other’s minds positively. Note that not every relationship is going to be perfect and the presence of highs and lows is quite acceptable. At times, even the strongest couples need a little advice to strengthen their bond. So here is the list of 15 all time advice which would help you wade through difficult times in your relationship.

  • Avoid quarrelling via texts

It is common these days to fight via texts and sort out the issues plaguing you and your partner. However, it is usually suggested that to improve your relationship, you should have a face-to-face argument. To ensure that your love story lasts for a long time, stop fighting in the virtual world. As per a latest study, couples who fight via text messages and phone calls have a lower relationship quality index.

  • Say sorry in a meaningful manner

Apologizing to your partner is one thing and actually meaning it is quite another. To ensure that the bond between your beloved stays strong, say sorry genuinely. The more you accept your wrongdoings and accept roles and responsibilities, the stronger the relationship will be. The same applies to your partner too. You can take cues from love story comedy if you want to master the art of apologizing genuinely.

  • Be in a positive frame of mind

Irrespective of the current situation, it is imperative that you always look on the brighter side. This is probably one of the best ways to keep your relationship stay unaffected. While being in a relationship, it is common to face different issues with varying magnitude. Being optimistic in these situations is a great way to emerge victorious. You can also go through children’s love stories to learn the significance of optimism.

  • Make your priorities clear

To make your relationship last long, you have to voice out your opinions. So be brave and say what you want from your partner. It doesn’t help much by being an introvert when you are in a relationship. If you don’t make your priorities clear, your relationship may remain unrefined for years. In a boy and girl love story, you would always see the main protagonists know their expectations from their relationship.

  • Utilize the power of writing

Well you don’t have to be an expert writer to make your love life excel. However, ensure that you put your pen to the paper every now and then. Writing down your feelings is a great stress buster. You would feel a lot more relieved when your feelings are in the paper in front of you.

  • Wear red

If you are trying to attract that person of your dreams, it could be all in the color you are wearing. The color red is known to influence positive psychological functioning. So if you want to have a beautiful love story, do wear red frequently when you meet. The same principle applies to your partner also. So ensure that he/she wears red also.

  • Exhibit unconditional support

To be precise, after a long day at work, it would be difficult to show interest in your partner’s interests at the end of the day. However, it is of paramount importance to show that you are thoughtful towards the preferences of your partner. Without such support, resentment can brew in the relationship which would make things difficult.

  • Undertake decisions mutually

Most failures in a teenage love story arise from the failure of partners in undertaking mutual decisions. While being in a relationship, you two no longer are operating in life independently. Your decisions can now affect each other and thus it is important that your partner’s decision also has its say.

  • Have time to introspect

We hardly find time to introspect in this busy schedule of ours. However, not setting up time to reflect on your relationship can give rise to serious repercussions. Dedicate one day of the week to discuss various types of issues. This would help keep misunderstandings in check.

  • Don’t hesitate to express your gratitude

Saying Thank You often in a relationship does help things a lot. In a relationship, when you express your gratitude, it implies that you are recognizing your partner’s efforts. Even when your partner accomplishes the minor tasks on behalf of you, don’t ever forget to express your heartfelt gratitude.

  • Watch a romantic comedy together

Watching a romantic comedy comprising a teacher student love story can make you feel really relaxed. Take time out of your busy schedule and devote a particular day in which you would be with your beloved watching romantic comedies.

  • Being compassionate can help really

Being compassionate can increase the strength of your bond with your dear one. It is because feelings validated and understood by someone else are regarded to improve satisfaction in relationships. So irrespective of the type of stress your partner is in, being compassionate can really help.

  • Refrain from using your smartphone too often when together

Banking on smartphones all the time wouldn’t help your relationship much. Especially when you two are together, refrain from using your smartphone. Glancing at the smartphone and having a conversation with your partner at the same time can have negative implications.

  • Never go to bed in a sordid mood

Going to bed angry can have serious repercussions on your productivity levels. Besides that, it doesn’t help your relationship at all. Thus work out the issues before going to bed so that you can have a sound sleep.

  • Take time to deck yourself up

Nothing is more enticing than investing time to look good. Never ever neglect your appearance. It is because neglecting your appearance can have negative implications on your self-esteem.

So let’s hope that the above-mentioned advice would help you to have the best of times with your significant other.

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