10 Tips to Get Better at Video Editing


10 Tips to Get Better at Video Editing

Video editing is the arrangement and manipulation of video shots. In our society today, video has become one of the methods people choose to save and secure their memories for future reference. Personal computers can use editing software. This means that even if you are not a pro at editing videos, there will be basic guides to help you achieve this. Editing is normally the final process that takes place before the video gets to viewing. Editing videos online can be a great task. But you can get started for free with an online video editor.

For an online video editor, it will require a lot of skills and understanding. The editors have to have a deep connection to how people feel watching the video. They have to consider the audience of the final edited video. Video editing requires a mix of creativity and technical knowledge. The following are a few tips that will definitely make video editing much easier and also make your videos exceptional.

Choose Right Online Video Editor

Choosing the right online video editor is the most important thing to do when you want to edit your videos. The secret is not going for the latest software’s style. It is important to go for the type of software that favors your editing works and also works best for you. Choosing software depends on its usability, features, and digital interface.

Maintain Project Directory

If you are working on a big project for the first time, it is important to create different folders that you will store your files in. Create a folder with subfolders that will have everything that you will need for your online video editing process. Some of these folders will contain; raw footage, sound, music, and graphics. Put all in their respective folders. Organizing your project will give you an easy workflow during the editing process.


Trimming is the most important editing tool that you will use a lot with the online video editor. When you have already cut your video into different clips, it is important that you trim both their beginnings and ends. This helps you keep the image free from unwanted frames and also clips where nothing important is really happening. Trimming also helps you save the important events that you want in your video.

Vary Your Shots

The content you are editing should be visually interesting. You should ensure that you do not use just one angle to edit your videos. You need to switch it up by trying more than one angle when using an online video editor. It is as simple as recording your interview with two cameras as it will edit the awkward  ‘umms’ and ‘uhs.’ Edit by cutting between two shots during the action moment.

Start with Quality Footage

While using an online video editor, you need to start with quality assurance videos in order for you to get the best results. The scenes need to be in the highest quality camera so that the footage is not interfered with when you transfer it to your computer. Some editing software will require you to do your edits in low resolutions and framework to avoid lagging during playback. It’s important to set the resolutions as high as the editor allows when you will be transferring the project. Getting the perfect shot is always important because during editing you will lose some of the quality of the shots.


Coloring involves two things. Color correction and color grading. No matter how high quality your video is after editing it in your online video editor, coloring is still an important aspect. Color correction is the process of adjusting standard editing tools like the saturation levels, brightness, and contrast to achieve the same coloring on all clips. They should appear in their natural colors.

Tell a Story

Your edited videos should always have a story behind them. Editors provide a structure for the finished video. They are storytellers, which ensures the clips have stories from beginning to end.

Avoid Jump Cuts

Filming interviews where interviewees keep saying ‘uh’ and ‘um’ can be quite annoying to the editor as it makes the videos to be choppy. But you can avoid this by putting extra layers of clips that have the same content and it will appear as if the interviewee spoke without a hitch.

Two is Safe

Memory cards and hard drives can always crash when you least expect it and you are at risk of losing all your edited videos. It is important to keep another copy at a different location like your computer or an external hard drive. Good thing for an online video editor, as it saves your work as you continue.

Choose The Device You’re Using Wisely

For your video to be of good quality, it is important to choose the right online video editor app for a start. This gives you the option to put together several clips into one big folder. We have different editing apps that you can choose from, including promo. However, this isn’t enough, as you’d still need to choose a reliable device that can serve well.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking forward to editing your videos like a pro, then the tips above should put you in the right direction. Just make sure that you’re always using the right online video editor.


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