10 Excellent Ways to Make Money Online


10 Excellent Ways to Make Money Online

There are several excellent ways to make money online, if you exert some effort to browse the Internet. In fact, millions of people worldwide are dumping regular employment or working freelance and part-time because they are able to make excellent money online by working from home.

If you are interested in making money online, here are 10 different, time-tested and proven ways to try. Understandably, some of these ways may require specific qualifications or skills.

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10 Excellent Ways to Make Money Online

10 Excellent Ways to Make Money Online
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Before you begin looking for ways to make money online, take an inventory of your skills. Find which skills and online work attracts the highest pay.


Nowadays, an excellent way to make money online is by blogging. Surely, you would be very passionate about something. Or you may have excellent knowledge about a specific topic. Create your own blog about your passions and hobbies. Blogging requires some good writing skills that you can acquire by reading other blogs and other articles. You can open a free blog with blogger or purchase a self-hosted WordPress website.

Affiliate Marketing

If you own a blog, you can also make money online through affiliate marketing. Large companies including Amazon have superb affiliate marketing programs. They offer commissions ranging from two to 18 percent to their marketing affiliates. You have to register as affiliate marketer on Amazon. You can make affiliate links using the free dashboard they provide for their registered members. When anyone makes a purchase after clicking on your link from Amazon, you get the money.


Dropshipping is an excellent to make money online if you are willing to exert extra efforts. The process is fairly simple. For example, you can launch a website offering mobile accessories. These mobile accessories can be bought from online stores like Alibaba.com. Instead, you are buying cheap from any supplier on Alibaba.com and selling for a higher price through your website. When anyone buys from your website and pays, you will place an order with any supplier on Alibaba.com. The supplier ships the stuff directly to your customer.

Digital Marketing

By the year 2023, digital advertising and marketing industry of India will cross the Rs.435 billion mark. Hence, there is a great demand already for digital marketing professionals. You need to choose a good digital marketing course to acquire necessary skills and certification. A great digital marketing course can fetch you lucrative jobs at large corporations or open own digital marketing business.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant or VA is a growing industry in India. As a Virtual Assistant, you will work as a remote secretary for some businessman or senior executive. Tasks involve arranging meetings, sending and responding to emails and performing motley clerical duties from your home. On average, Virtual Assistants in India make about Rs.175,000 merely by working for a few hours from home.

Data Entry Jobs

Countless online data entry jobs are available across India. A good online data entry job can earn you as much as Rs.300.000 per year. In fact, a lot of housewives and students are performing online data entry jobs from home during spare time. Never work for employers that demand a security deposit, ask you to pay for software. Also, verify the credentials of an employer before you take an online data entry job.

Social Media Assistant

Almost every business wants to make an online presence. Hence, they have a website and are also present on social media platforms, especially Facebook and professional networking website, LinkedIn. Social Media Assistant is a great way to make money online. You will manage the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts of the employer. In fact, you can offer the service to several small businesses at the same time.

Online Tutor

Skills India program of the Indian government saw opening of several Industrial Training Institutes across the country. However, several ITIs are facing a shortage of trainers. You can become an online tutor for an ITI or other educational institutes. This means, you will conduct lessons from home through video conferencing.

Online Consultancy

People need consultants for various reasons: finance, law, education, career and others. Set up an online consultancy business. Advertise your services through Facebook and LinkedIn. You can make really big money if you are an expert in the field and people see tangible results from your advice.

Remote Assistance

For those adept with computers and software, providing remote assistance is an excellent way to make money online. You will generally get clients from foreign countries. These are senior citizens who require someone to fix software glitches. For every such assistance, the pay comes in the form of American Dollars. This is very profitable if you are willing to work late hours. You may have to enroll with a remote assistance service providers to make money online from this lucrative trade.

To Conclude

These 10 excellent ways to make money online can help you find jobs or launch own business. Remember, to make money online, you require excellent computer and Internet skills. As I explain, some of these methods may also involve undergoing a special course.

However, the income from such tasks will more than compensate for any expenses or fees you may incur on learning these skills. Most online work allows flexibility in timings. However, you will have to meet targets and deadlines given by the employer or customer.

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